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Go here to purchase tickets for our special urban adventure guided kayak tours on the LA River.

The 2017 LA River kayaking season officially begins Memorial Day (May 29) and runs through Labor Day (Sept 2). Our kayak trips start in June. We are the only group to run tours in both recreation zones. Don’t miss your chance to paddle the Los Angeles River and explore your Southern California environment. It’s the best outdoors fun you’ll have all summer!

This year you can also book a limited number of special group trips with your family, friends, favorite organization or workplace colleagues. LA River Expeditions is the original outfitter that led the charge for boating on the LA River. We offer great deals and have the best guides on the river.

Or you can get on our email list to hear timely updates and receive discounts. And you can always use our simple form to contact us.

L.A. River Expeditions is committed to being a leading force in the creation of a revitalized Los Angeles River — not 25-to-50 years in the future, but starting NOW!

We are Angelenos who believe that boats such as canoes and kayaks are a positive and natural part of any river, and we understand the common-sense proposition that public river access is the central component to any successful river revitalization plan.

We, as public citizens, want to renew our connectedness to and responsibility for our local waterway, the Los Angeles River — the historic heart and soul of the city.

If this is YOU, too, then click here.

We believe that public waterways are the lifeblood of cities and regions. We envision and work toward creating a world where our waterways serve as public common spaces that connect communities, build civic engagement, and provide opportunities for people to play, work and learn together.

We promote public access to waterways in the Los Angeles region and beyond. We provide hands-on innovative recreational and educational opportunities and experiences for individuals, schools, community groups and civic leaders, in order to allow them to experience and understand the benefits of free and open public access to our protected waterways.

LA River Expeditions' mission is to connect people to their waterways through recreational boating and environmental education.

Among other things, that mission compels us to: advocate for Clean Water Act protections advocate for Clean Water Act protections and a comprehensive public river access policy for the LA River; to create a viable green business that runs organized recreational/educational canoe and kayak expeditions on the LA River while teaching boating skills, river safety, and fostering river stewardship; to assist in the development of other innovative, river-specific programs and events that will enhance the LA River’s social ecosystem; to advocate for the protection of America’s waterways, especially urban waterways; and to be a connector between the LA River and other rivers worldwide, in order to protect the world’s international river ecosystem. 

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