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Go here to purchase tickets for our special urban adventure guided kayak tours on the LA River.

The 2017 LA River kayaking season officially begins Memorial Day (May 29) and runs through Labor Day (Sept 2). Our kayak trips start in June. We are the only group to run tours in both recreation zones. Don’t miss your chance to paddle the Los Angeles River and explore your Southern California environment. It’s the best outdoors fun you’ll have all summer!

This year you can also book a limited number of special group trips with your family, friends, favorite organization or workplace colleagues. LA River Expeditions is the original outfitter that led the charge for boating on the LA River. We offer great deals and have the best guides on the river.

Or you can get on our email list to hear timely updates and receive discounts. And you can always use our simple form to contact us.

The best way to experience community in Los Angeles is to join a popular kayaking tour. Paddle and cruise the LA River while learning about the environment.

Exploring Los Angeles in a kayak on the L.A. River is the best way to go and a great way to meet others in the community! Urban recreation is happening in your own backyard. Don’t miss out. Doing these kayak trips should be on every Angelenos’ bucket list!

Yes, this kind of nature really does exist within these LA communities. The new river recreational zones are even proving to be a deterrent to crime in riverside neighborhoods!

L.A. River Expeditions engages the city’s community through low-impact, managed river boating so that citizens become energized river advocates while learning how to be safe around rivers. A cleaned-up, greened-up and safe Los Angeles River, with people actually using it (instead of being ashamed of it and mistreating it) will instill a sense of common public ownership and community pride, as participants experience the thrill of floating through their own city. This will be especially true for the city's youth.

Our ongoing work on the Los Angeles River is designed to challenge and substantially alter the narrow perspectives and low expectations that people usually have about the Los Angeles River, presenting fresh possibilities and providing a positive, inspiring, hands-on experience for all participants. In addition to recreation, the program educates about the river’s own community of ecosystems — plants, birds, fish, watersheds, etc. — and calls upon us to become active community citizens, regardless of age.

Every mile of the river reclaimed with this intent gains valuable new recreation space for Angelenos — without having to carve out expensive new real estate! Los Angeles is currently on the bottom rung in terms of urban open space per capita relative to other major U.S. cities. The Los Angeles River is a vastly underutilized public trust resource. Our various programs aim to utilize our undervalued riparian assets for the benefit of park-starved urban neighborhoods and their residents, and the general population.

Through our presence on these excursions, we help to mitigate undesirable activity in and around the river. More eyes on the river makes it a safer and more vibrant environment. At the same time we understand the need to balance responsible use with the needs of wildlife and the larger ecosystem.

LA River Expeditions is pleased to partner with the folks who created the awesome documentary film, Rock the Boat: Saving America's Wildest River. The film covers a wide array of information about the Los Angles River and is a great, entertaining tool with which to educate people about the LA River revitalization movement. If you believe that this message is something that would resonate with your community awesome film — whether in the Los Angeles area or elsewhere — then use our Contact page to jot us a note. We'll be happy to connect you to the filmmakers and to work with you to set that up. The film also now has a new Spanish translation!

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