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Inyo Register


Gear Patrol
How Kayaking Saved the Los Angeles River

Link TV
Kayaking the LA: Revitalizing an Urban River


The Eastsider
LA River Boat Race Returns with Costumes, New Course, Good Times

2nd Annual LA River Boat Race, 08/15

Urban Paddling: The Great Outdoors Is Closer Than You Think, 07/15

Paddling Los Angeles’ Rebounding River, 06/15

The Guardian
The Los Angeles river from the air – in pictures


Canoe and Kayak
Racing on the Revitalized Los Angeles River
LA River Race celebrates return of an iconic waterway

Glendale News and Press
First-ever L.A. Boat Race held at Glendale Narrows

Photo Gallery: L.A. River 1st annual boat races

Greenstock Photos
A Day at the Races: Boat Race gallery

Boat Race gallery at SmugMug

LA River Expeditions
Press Release: LA River Boat Race to Launch on Labor Day Weekend

KPCC's #1 Labor Day Pick: LA River Boat Race!

The Eastsider
Featured outdoors Labor Day weekend pick: 1st-Annual LARiver Boat Race!

KCRW's Things To Do this Labor Day Weekend

The Eastsider
Conan O’Brien Skeptical But Historic Boat Race Set For Labor Day Weekend In Elysian Valley

Time Out
LA River Boat Race

The 1st Annual LA River Boat Race

California Report
The California Report (radio)
Boat Race Helps Reveal L.A. River's Charms

LA River Fly Fishing
Another river first: The L.A. River Boat Race

Zev Yaroslavsky
Our new social club—the L.A. River

Conan O'Brien
Conan O'Brien

HuffingtonPost Green
Paddle Into History in the First Los Angles River Boat Race

Inaugural L.A. River Boat Race Registration Begins

Get Ready For The First L.A. River Boat Race

The Eastsider
Make History: Paddle in the First Ever LA River Boat Race

Discover LA
Introducing the LA River Boat Race

Jack FM
Los Angeles River Is Having Its First-Ever Boat Race

Modern Hiker

My Unlikely L.A. Adventure: River Kayaking

Ed Begley’s “Hollywood Goes Green”

The White House
Press Release: “LA River Expeditions Founder Invited to White House ‘Champions of Change’ Event


Los Angeles Times Eastern Sierra's Lower Owens River is ripe for a recreational rebirth

US Army Corps of Engineers L.A. River advocates wait for watershed Army Corps study

Sunset Magazine"L.A. Confluential" (Aug. 2013) Sunset magazine

CBS  CBS This Morning w/ Charlie Rose


  Los Angeles Times

Also, Los Angeles Times / Glendale Narrows kayak trip
(3-min. video + photo gallery)

Mountains Recreation & Conservation AuthorityMountains Recreation & Conservation Authority / LA River Pilot Recreation Zone, Summer 2013

with Glendale Narrows map

Sierra ClubSierra Club magazine

Wired MagazineWIRED magazine

Link TVLink TV / Earth Focus (12-min. segment)

rock the boat Rock the Boat: Saving America's Wildest River



Delta "Paddling the LA River" — Feb. 2012

rock the boat



NPRA New Destination For Kayakers: The L.A. River? — Sept. 20

Yes, a River Runs Through It: Kayaking the Forgotten Waterway of Los Angeles — Sept. 16

BBCCanoeing to reclaim LA's lost river — Aug. 26

New York Times"L.A. River Tries On New Role, as Waterway" — Aug. 25

cnn"Long-neglected L.A. River now open to paddlers" — Aug. 20

KPCC River rambles encourage Angelenos to spread the word about the Los Angeles River and George Wolfe rocks the boat on the LA River — Sept. 6

American RiversLA River (Re-)Discovered — Sept. 8

LA Times article "Launching a new vision for the L.A. River" — Aug. 9

"Paddle the L.A. River" pilot boating program > kickoff — Aug. 8

License issued for Paddle the L.A. River pilot program — July

tonight show Cameo on Jay Leno's show re: Carmageddon gag on alternative commuting (e.g., kayaking). — July

epa EPA's new Urban Waterways initiative — June

rock the boatRock the Boat, a one-hour documentary covering the "2008 L.A. River Expedition" and other water-related topics, nears completion. View their trailer and donate generously so they can complete their work, get it out there, and raise consciousness about the L.A. River's plight and the world's impending water crisis.

HuffPost Interview with L.A. River Activists Who Made History (and a Movie) — June

Army Corps - Environmental AssessmentEnvironmental Assessment / Public Comments re: proposed pilot boating program. — June

(American Airlines) — May

LARivX River Warrior Award to L.A. River Expeditions — Jan.

"Concrete Improvements in L.A. River" — Jan.


LARivX Green Paddle Award for L.A. River Expeditions — Nov. 2010

Navigating the Los Angeles River - Aug 18, 2010

Rafting theWild L.A. River - Aug. 11, 2010 [video]

City of LALA City Councilmember Ed Reyes' motion for a pilot boating program — Aug.

A journey of discovery on the L.A. River - Aug. 1, 2010[video, article & photos]

L.A. River Rafting - Aug, 2010

A River Really Runs Through It - July 31, 2010
EPA's Determination on the LA River (.pdf) - July 2010
Los Angeles Times A gamble on the river pays off - July 16, 2010
Environmental Protection Agency EPA's Announcement about the L.A. River (video) - July 8, 2010
New York Times EPA Declares L.A. River 'Navigable' - July 2010
KPCC EPA navigates... - July 2010
American Rivers EPA Reaffirms LA River Protections! - July 2010
San Francisco Chronicle L.A. River gains Clean Water Act protections
San Diego Union-Tribune L.A. River granted status that offers protections L.A. River... - July 2010
NPR L.A. River - July 2010
KCET "Departures" series re: L.A. River  
TopNews (Britain) - LA River - July 2010
India Times (India) - LA River - July 2010 L.A. River Declared Navigable by Feds - July 2010Tipton recaps L.A. River Expedition saga - July 2010 July, 2010
LA River items — July, 2010
Outside Magazine — July, 2010

President Obama's Great Outdoors initiative — April, 2010


Exploring the used, abused and often surreal L.A. River New York Times A River Runs Under It - July 15, 2009
Men's Journal Activist with a Paddle - June 2009
Plenty magazine / MMN; Kayaking the LA River
Army Corps finds Conan O’Brien river humor unfunny
KCET "Departures" - Los Feliz to Elysian Valley
Non-navigable River Blues - Feb, 2009


Los Angeles Times Advocacy group challenges suspension of kayaker - Fall
Aquafornia article on Heather Wylie - Fall

LARivX LA River Expedition 2008 Report - Sept., 2008 (.pdf; 45mb)
EPA letter to Army Corps re: LA River jurisdiction change
- Aug 17, 2008
Joe Linton's Blog, covering the Expedition
Day #1 > Kayaking the LA River - July 25
Day #2 > Kayaking the LA River - July 26
Day #3 > Kayaking the LA River - July 27KPCC Patt Morrison show - July 25, 2008 {broken}
LA Daily News - LA River Expedition - Photo Gallery
LA Weekly - L.A. River Really Floats Their Boats - Tibby Rothman
Los Angeles CityBeat - Action of the Week: L.A. River Expedition {broken}
KTLA Kayaking the L.A. River - by Eric Spillman
Journey Down the LA River
Living on Earth: Redefining Rivers {broken}
Seattle PI - When kayaks are outlawed, only outlaws will have kayaks
Nature magazine - Navigable Shavigable: Wait, there is a river in L.A.?
Sierra Club Radio - LA River Expedition
Los Angeles Times Kayakers to paddle length of L.A. River this weekend
KCRW Navigating the Law and the L.A. River — June 12
Los Angeles Times Is the L.A. River up a creek? - Deborah Schoch - June 1Rep. Henry Waxman's letter to the EPA - April 10, 2008
Army Corps' memo: Traditional Navigable Waterways - March 20, 2008

LARivX YouTube - George's L.A. River Commute

Canoe and Kayak
May 2009
download pdf (2.2 mb)

Men's Journal
June 2009
download pdf (1.2 mb)
Dec/Jan 2009
download pdf (4.1 mb)
Fall 2008
download pdf (1.5 mb)
LA Times
June 1st, 2008
download pdf (4.4 mb)
LA Times Op-Ed
by Heather Wylie
download pdf (2.9 mb)
LA Times
Making a Point
download pdf


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