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Have other cities taken on projects like this?

Numerous cities across the United States have implemented highly successful riverfront projects that have revitalized adjacent communities. Similar projects include:

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  • San Antonio Riverwalk – San Antonio, TX
  • Brush Creek Cultural Corridor – Kansas City, MO
  • Memphis Riverfront Master Plan – Memphis, TN
  • Charles River Master Plan – Boston, MA
  • Tennessee River – Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Greening of the Platte River – Denver, CO
  • River Park and Balboa park Redevelopment – San Diego, CA
  • Rio Salado Ecosystem Restoration Project – Phoenix & Tempe, AZ
  • North Delaware Riverfront – Philadelphia, PA
  • Allegheny Riverfront – Pittsburgh, PA
  • Rio Besos – Barcelona, Spain
  • Cheonggye Stream Project – South Korea
  • Isar River – Munich, Germany

Success stories include, for example, the San Antonio Riverwalk which has been the catalyst of over $2.8 billion in tourism for the City of San Antonio and the Brush Creek Cultural Corridor in Kansas City which has generated more than $750 million in new development.

[source: http://www.lariver.org/faq.htm]

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